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a) Reading Packet
b) The Grand Alliance by Carlo Pelanda, Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2007


Students will be required to attend class regularly and participate actively in discussions and  to keep up with reading assignments  

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80% research (term) paper, 20% class participation


INTL  4770      C O U R S E   D E S C R I P T I O N
Special Topics in International Relations – Fall 2010

This course will examine the policy and political problems concerned with the formation of a political architecture of the global system. The course will be divided into three segments:
a.       The economic, political and cultural context of the globalisation: A general overview
1.      Geopolitical and economic history of the globalisation
2.    The 2008 global crisis
3.      The current transition in the model of world order

b.       Scenarios
1.      The tendency toward international disorder
2.       The tendency toward a new multilateral order
3.    The (post)crisis global effect

c.        Proposed Strategy
1.       The "Grand Alliance" model